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The Journey

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Fees for the program are based on a sliding scale thanks to support from the surrounding local communities, including Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County, Floyd County Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Abuse Task Force, Clark County Youth Coalition, Community Foundation of Southern Indiana and Harrison County Community Foundation.

Our Place, recognizing the need for chemical dependency treatment options for youth and adults in Southern Indiana offers The Journey Program, an outpatient program for adolescents and adults. This treatment program incorporates Seeking Safety, which is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as an evidence-based outpatient program.

The staff involved in The Journey program are certified and or licensed addiction and prevention professionals and are experienced working with adolescents and families. This program recognizes the challenges that youth and adults experience in returning to a drug-free life and the challenge of staying drug-free. It is a journey with many obstacles but also many rewards.

Addiction should never be taken lightly. We at Our Place understand this is a devastating disease that will not only destroy the emotional and physical life of the individual, but will seriously impact the family as well. We also understand that the family is a unit and must be treated together for the greatest chance for recovery for all involved. Referrals are encouraged from schools, juvenile justice system, counseling/treatment agencies, clergy and families. Please e-mail here for more information.

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