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Image: Be The Majority

Be The Majority

A positive norms campaign to show youth that they can be more by not abusing drugs. Be The Majority gives youth the opportunity to define themselves in a positive way.
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Image: BuzzKill


Educates students about the health and safety risks of allowing underage guests to possess or consume alcohol at house parties.
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Image: Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention Program

Our early intervention program is offered for youths, adults, and their families who are experiencing problems with ATODs (Alcohol, Tobacco, and/or Other Drugs), but may not necessarily meet criteria for a substance use disorder.
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Image: Families in Transition

Families in Transition

Designed to help divorcing or separating parents facilitate positive parent-child communication and to help both parents and children cope more effectively with problems resulting from the changes they are facing.
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Image: Footprints for Life

Footprints for Life

A research and evidence-based primary prevention program designed to builds assets and teach skills through the use of puppets and stories that feature "real-life" situations experienced by a a group of children. The program is designed to promote developmental assets to deter the first use of alcohol and other drugs.
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Image: LifeSkills Training

LifeSkills Training

A research-validated substance abuse prevention program proven to reduce the risks of alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, and violence by targeting the major social and psychological factors that promote the initiation of substance use and other risky behaviors.
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Image: New Beginnings

New Beginnings

A ten-week program for parents who want more information and support as they parent their children through a troubling event such as divorce, separation, or custody issues. New Beginnings assists parents in restructuring their family with skills that help strengthen their bonds with their children so the children feel valued and important as members of their new family unit and experience fewer traumas.
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Image: Parents Who Host

Parents Who Host

A public awareness program educating communities and parents about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol at teen parties.
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Image: Raising Our Children’s Kids (R.O.C.K.)

Raising Our Children’s Kids (R.O.C.K.)

Raising Our Children’s Kids is a program dedicated to helping grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.
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Image: The Journey

The Journey

An outpatient program for adolescents and adults. This treatment program incorporates the Matrix Model, an evidence based curriculum which is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as an evidence-based treatment program.
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Image: Wellness for Senior Education (WISE)

Wellness for Senior Education (WISE)

Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (WISE) Program, a six-week, evidenced-based substance abuse prevention and wellness program.
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