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Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Programs

Our Place, recognizing the need for chemical dependency treatment options for adults in Harrison County, Indiana recently began offering intensive outpatient as well as outpatient drug and alcohol programs for adults. This treatment program incorporates "Seeking Safety", which is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as an evidence-based outpatient program. This programming is designed to aid in increased understanding of addiction, enhancing social support systems, development of new coping strategies, decreasing criminal behavior and continued engagement with personal recovery process.

The staff involved in the Corydon Outpatient programs are certified and or licensed addiction and prevention professionals and are experienced working with adults and families. This program recognizes the challenges that adults experience in re-entering communities from incarceration, returning to a drug-free life and the challenges of staying drug-free for the future.

Evidence Based Programs:

Men’s Non Violence: The BIP program is an evidence based program designed to help men charged with or convicted of violence against an intimate partner or related offense. It provides education to identify abusive behaviors, develop alternatives to violence, and explore the impact of violent or abusive behavior on intimate partners, children, and others.

Moving On (Women’s Non Violence): The MO program is an evidenced based program designed for women to address the risk factors that can lead to abuse and criminal behavior. It provides women with alternatives to criminal activity by helping identify and mobilize personal and community resources.

Moral Recognation Therapy (MRT): A cognitive behavioral treatment program that leads to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making and more appropriate behavior. The classes address substance use, criminal thinking and offender accountability.

Addiction should never be taken lightly.

We at Our Place understand this is a devastating disease that will not only destroy the emotional and physical life of the individual, but will seriously impact the family system as well.

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